Export; It is the sale of a product produced in a country to foreign countries in exchange for foreign currency. In order for the export transaction to take place, first of all, there must be a product to be sold, and then a legal or natural person who is a resident of the Republic of Turkey and has a tax number (for real persons, a T.R. identification number is sufficient) is required. If export will be made for the first time; Registration with the Customs Administration and Exporters’ Union is required, all the documents listed below are required for registration:


Signature circular (for legal entities), signature statement (for natural persons),

Certificate of Activity (for legal entities),

Trade registry gazette (for legal entities),

Tax liability letter (for legal entities),

Power of Attorney (in case of transactions through representation),

Identity copy of the authorities.

After the above-mentioned general practices, which are valid for all products, other transactions (issuing invoices, payment of the Exporters’ Association fee determined according to the invoice price, preparation of the circulation document, etc.) are also carried out within the framework of the legislation to which the goods to be exported are subject.

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